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Welcome Back to Campus

SIS Group of Schools Reopening Plan

Health and Safety Measures in SIS

All SIS schools have clear and rigorous procedures for:

  • Vaccinations: all teachers and staff participating in on campus learning will be vaccinated.
  • Visitor screening (“QR code accessed” form for limited visitors)
  • Hand washing / sanitising
  • Temperature checking and quarantine areas
  • Compulsory wearing of masks and in some cases face shields as well
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the campus throughout the day

SIS schools will exclude everyone from campus who lives with someone who

  • Is 60 years of age or over
  • Has a higher risk condition specified by the US CDC
  • In the last 14 days:
    • Has been in a high risk location*
    • Has or has had any close contact with someone who has Covid-like symptoms*
    • Has been infected or is in close contact with some who has been infected*

* until provision of a negative PCR test result obtained at least 5 days after any such contact

Inside each campus there will be:

  • Adjusted school start and finish times to avoid having many students in the lobbies at one time
  • Divided pathways to keep people distanced and zones that students from certain year groups must stay in to avoid cross contamination
  • Classroom seating arrangements that keep everyone at least 1.5 metres apart
  • No sharing of books or equipment
  • Arrangements to ensure good air flow in and out of all classrooms

Hybrid Learning Mode

When the school first opens it will operate in Hybrid Mode until Covid-19 is under enough control to open full on-campus learning again.

Hybrid Mode means that:

  • Students will learn part of the time at home using distance learning methods and part of the time at school according to a published schedule
  • If students are excluded from school for safety reasons, they will continue with an adapted form of full time distance learning

The curriculum will be adapted so that:

  • Essential elements are prioritised
  • Social and emotional learning and balanced expectations continue to take place
  • Assessment is adjusted according to what students have learned
  • Students remain on track for high stakes external exams in the future

If there is a reported case of someone on campus with Covid-19 like symptoms, the school will:

  • Immediately return to full time distance learning classes for 14 days for all those who may have been in contact with or in the same zone as the symptomatic person*
  • Inform everyone that may have been a close contact of the symptomatic person to self-isolate for 14 days*

* or until provision of a negative PCR test result obtained at least 5 days after the contact

Safety Bubbles

With the goal of reducing widespread contact between students, one important tactic we use involves Safety Bubbles.

Each student cohort is divided into separate Safety Bubbles that arrive and depart at staggered times as well as attend Distance Learning or Classroom Learning at alternating times.

The Safety Bubbles tactic is in use at leading schools around the world and is widely considered best practice for safely reopening academics institutions. Safety Bubbles effectively reduce the risk of mass Covid-19 transmission within the school 1.

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2 Letter to Parents Reopening – Why Not?