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Why SIS ?

Personalized Learning

We keep our schools small and involve students in the direction of their learning journeys. With small schools and higher student / teacher ratios we ensure every student gets the attention they need to succeed.

Unique Curriculum Design

We provide our students with the Singapore Curriculum, Cambridge Examinations Board and International Baccalaureate, combining three of the world’s best curriculums in one place.

Student Led

We believe in empowering students to lead programs and initiatives. Presentations, public speaking, Model UN, Duke of Edinburgh Model and Harvard programs prepare students for asserting themselves on the world stage.


A diverse student body helps prepare your child for a multicultural democracy and seeing the world from different viewpoints.

Sporting Tradition

SIS has a long and proud sporting tradition. We believe healthy competition and physical fitness are key elements to developing strong character.

Health And Safety

All SIS schools have clear and rigorous health and safety procedures.

Hybrid Learning Model

When the school first opens it will operate in Hybrid Mode until Covid-19 is under enough control to open full on-campus learning again.

Covid-19 is under enough control to open full on-campus learning again.Covid-19 is under enough control to open full on-campus learning again.

Safety Bubbles

With the goal of reducing widespread contact between students, one important tactic we use involves Safety Bubbles.

Essential VoiSIS

Teacher Spotlight

International School in Jakarta

Grace Wang

We’ve got a great school community and an amazing campus that’s full of color and life and activity. Come by for a campus tour and check it out for yourself.
International School in Indonesia

Neha Bhardwaj

SIS South Jakarta and all the SIS schools are special environments that create safe spaces for your children to enquire and direct their own learning journeys.
International School School Jakarta

Nicole Renee Lestage

SIS schools are unique because they involve their students, parents and teachers in orchestrating the learning environment, and the end result is a very happy learning atmosphere.

7 Reasons to Join SIS

Inspiring Teachers

Our qualified teachers also stay for an average of seven years, one of the highest retention rates in international schools.

Outstanding Student Results

We don't just claim your kids will get a top-notch education, we prove it.

Extraordinary Care

Research is clear. The student-teacher relationship has the greatest impact on student learning, even beyond curriculum.

Top University Admission

Top-notch academics combined with an experienced team of high school counselors help students navigate the process of selecting and applying to best fit universities.

Long and Proud History in Indonesia

For over 20 years, SIS has transformed the real-life stories of more than 20,000 students and alumni worldwide

Trusted School

Parents and students from all across the world make up our community, a community held together by trust.

World-Class Facilities

We just finished major updates to our world-class campuses. Come in and see for yourself what an amazing learning environment looks like.

Students in Action



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