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Privacy Policy


The Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) establishes a data protection law that comprises various rules governing the collection, use, disclosure, and care of personal data. It recognizes both the rights of individuals to protect their personal data, including rights of access and correction, and the needs of organizations to collect, use, or disclose personal data for legitimate and reasonable purposes. The SIS takes into account the following concepts:

  1. Consent – Organizations may collect, use, or disclose personal data only with the individual’s knowledge and consent (with some exceptions);
  2. Purpose – Organizations may collect, use, or disclose personal data in an appropriate manner for the circumstances, and only if they have informed the individual of purposes for the collection, use, or disclosure; and
  3. Reasonableness – Organizations may collect, use, or disclose personal data only for purposes that would be considered appropriate to a reasonable person in the given circumstances.


For the purposes of school students under the age of 13, it is reasonable and accepted that parental consent is sufficient. In addition to parents, we will also obtain explicit permission from staff in order to use their data as an employer.

Parental Consent Clause

The school will collect and use personal data about you and your child in accordance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (2012). You consent to us using such personal data as set out in the school’s ‘Data Protection Policy’ which is available on the school’s website and may be amended from time to time and where otherwise reasonably necessary for the school to provide appropriate services.