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Model United Nations: An Unforgettable Experience

Written by Kashmain Tahir and Zahra Namira

Model United Nations is certainly the most amazing experience students have during their school life. A student does, and should always, have the desire to follow the footsteps of successful adults, and MUN is the best way one can achieve that desire. But what exactly is MUN? And why is it so significant? Well, in Model United Nations, students represent countries and debate on a specific topic. Students can choose from several committees, usually divided by difficulty level. These different committees have different topics.

This might sound like something very easy, however, it is challenging especially considering the fact that students have to maintain diplomacy during these discussions. A lot of preparation is also needed before the actual conference. The stance of the country the students are representing and deep knowledge about the topic should be well known and understood.

At the end of the conferences there are several recognitions given to the delegates. These recognitions are given to the best delegate and to a few honorable mentions. Each year, a group of upper secondary, as well junior college students from SIS would volunteer to compete in different MUN events. For instance, earlier this year, we had the opportunity to represent SIS Bona Vista in the annual SkyMUN competition that was held in Labschool Kebayoran.

We were placed in different councils/committees of choice and were given our country allocations weeks prior to prepare for the competition. We gathered every day to have meetings and practice together. The experienced students guided and helped others who were competing for the first time to give encouragement and support.

During the conference, we discussed and exchanged our views on different issues that are happening around the world. We attended and spoke as if we were the actual delegates of our given countries at a real United Nations Conference. The event lasted for 2 days, and although we were all exhausted after it ended, it was undoubtedly one of our best and most memorable MUN. We got a chance to improve our argumentation and communication skills, met a lot of bright and fascinating people, made great friends, and most importantly, gained a much better understanding of managing international relations. Moreover, some of us won special recognition awards for our remarkable contributions and speeches!

At the end of the day, it is all about having fun and getting the best out of this experience.