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SIS Cilegon United Nations Day 2018

Embracing Diversity
Different country, different culture

We embraced and highlighted the dynamic nature of cultural diversity and its capacity to renew our mind and point of view on our differences. Differences make us richer. Along with the children, we celebrated United Nation Day (UN-Day), and took pride on our cultural uniqueness.

Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Philippines and mixture of other cultures immersed in one unity theme “Stronger UN: Better World.”

This annual celebration is always enjoyed by everyone at SIS Cilegon. Many activities were planned with parents, students, teachers and all-school community. The activities represented beauty from all over the world and were positively engaging!

Strong UN: Better World
Multicultural Presentation

A engaging! team of PSG parents, staff members, and teachers designed costumes, promoted, and executed the performances—all teachers presenting of Indonesian, Korean, Indian, Chinese, and Philippines cultures in 3 minutes; teachers-staff- students-parents 3 minutes presentation each. The students ended with a “Heal the World” closing song.

The event was well-attended and we experienced an overwhelmingly positive reaction, with people asking us to bring back the event next year.

UN Contribution to the World

Aishani and Darmu in their cultural costumes described to the audiences what UN has contributed to the world in order to make it better.

They both fluently explained UN contribution to Indonesia, Korea, India, Indonesia, China, etc. in front of various cultural background audiences.

Aishani and Darmu also described the history of Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942 smoothly. Their confidence and resourcefulness are supported by the quality of education in SIS Cilegon and the cooperation with parents.