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SIS Cilegon Water Camp 2018

Camp learn and play
Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 enjoyed Water Camp in SIS Cilegon backyard on Friday, 9 November 2018. They love water! Playing in water develops their fine motor skills and eye to hand coordination as they stir, squeeze, pour, and scrub. It is also a great activity for improving balance.

It is a repeat
“Everyone is happy!” said Claire, one of N2 students. She smiled brightly as she got out of the portable swimming pool. “ I want to do Water Camp again and again.” , exclaimed Muskan, another N2 students. The same feedback from K1-K2 students. They showed enthusiasm from the beginning of the activity until the end of it. All of them said they want to repeat Preschool Water Camp again.

Ms. Susi as the coordinator of this activity along with Ms. Monets, K1-K2 form teacher, has planned well. They arranged all of the activities accordingly so that the children remain engaged. This is the first time for them to have Preschool Water Camp. The response of the children and parents are positive. Playing with water or having activities involving water in early childhood learning process brings excitement to them and make them learn and grasps the lesson well. It is indeed a repeat.

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” — Diane Ackerman —

Preschool Water Camp
9 November 2018

Splish, Splash
Preschoolers had their best day during this camp, 9 November 2018. Through this event they are able to develop eye- coordination and Math-and-Science concepts, enhance social skills and encourage cooperation.

During the camp, they did Tie Dye, did many kind of educative games such as Rocket Race, Pass the Balloon, Paper Boat Making, Oobleck, Water Experiment, Backyard Bath and Paper Boat Sailing. They also create had swimming session. After swimming, they had Movie Time. When they getting ready to go home, they took home fish, oobleck and their tie dye shirts.

The activities might seem simple where they are just splashing water around. However, through it children’s body strength and balance will be improved.

They experience new sensory and tactile stimulation by doing a lot of simple activities, when they jump, clap or splash. It is like having a brand new playground without worrying about falling, tumbling or crashing into hard surfaces.

As we know water adds resistance, therefore, activities involving water as main media work as strength training. They need more muscle strength to move their arms and legs through water than other media such as air. Also, the activities also improve their social and communication skills.