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SIS Cilegon – Business Week

Written by Shivangi Sanyal
P-5 Passion, SIS Cilegon

The SIS Group of Schools is known for its unique way of teaching and giving its students skills and life experiences along with the daily education to help students stand out in all the future challenges that they have to go through. We got one of these life experiences lessons when my school, SIS Cilegon organized ‘Business Week’ to promote and introduce entrepreneurship in young kids. It was a way of teaching the students how to deal with money transactions, to come up with ideas to promote and advertise the things that they wanted to sell and also to have fun in the process.

We were informed about the Business Week by our respective form teachers. We were given a week to come up with ideas for our booths and we were told to make posters and slogans highlighting our booths and the products we will sell. There were many different types of things everyone thought of to sell in their booths. Some of my friends wanted to put up game booths, some wanted to put up garage sale so that old but good things that they no longer require can be bought and used by other people.

Our teachers even asked our parents to set up booths for whatever items they wanted to sell and there were many parents who set up booths alongside us and sold food items, clothing, fun stuff, accessories, daily use materials & stationeries. There were a few people who came from different offices who also set up booths to advertise about their products, hotels or projects. We had a whole week to prepare and the culminating event which is the Business Fair was heldon January 26 th , Saturday.

(helping my friends prepare their “catch a fish” store)

The day started for the students by 8 AM when students got busy getting their respective booths ready. We had a happy parade from the front of the school to the back foyer where the school music band (of which I am a member of) played. Our friends followed behind the band shouting cheers of encouragement for all the business participants. By 10 O’clock Ms. Rapuncel, our Head Teacher cut the ribbon and declared the booths open. Everyone had to deal with money chits provided by the school which was to be later exchanged back into real money on liquidation after the booths closed at 1.30 PM.

(playing in the school band)

The students shared a percentage of their profits with the school. The parents who opened individual booths likewise did the same thing. This profit was deposited in the school Olympic fund, to help the school kids who are going to participate in the SIS Olympics to be held in April 2019.

(me, selling my books)

I put up a story books and chocolate muffin booth on that day and my books were sold very quickly. I love reading story books and I have a lot of story books with me at my home, but over the years I have gathered a big collection that I no longer read as I have outgrown them, and yet the books were in very good condition, some were even so good that they look like they’re new. During the Business Week, I learned the art of selling, buying, making posters and devising attractive offers for my booth. It has also taught me to take care of my books and things so that after I have read them and enjoyed them, other kids can still benefit from it.

(me and my mom counting my sales)

We had much fun along with earning profit and learning about handling money and selling ideas. We ate food from different booths and also played games at different booths. We were very happy that we were of help to our school by contributing to the School Olympic Fund. I am looking forward for the next Business Week because it was a fantastic experience!