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Best Year Ever – SIS Cilegon’s On The Way!

Written by Ms Wilma Vina Luz De Leon.

Miss Wilma Vina Luz D. De Leon is a very enthusiastic and happy teacher who has a degree in Education and Psychology. She is teaching English in SIS Cilegon.


As our theme for this year rallies…
One Team, one goal, no excuses…
This is going to be the Best Year Ever…
high expectations, great effort,
big celebrations!

We have successfully achieved all of these this first quarter! 

All our school-wide activities…Independence Day Celebration…Learning Journey…IDP..   face-to-face trial classes…CCA and the most recently concluded Student-Led Conference have all been successfully carried out.

One major contributing factor is the willingness of all the teachers to work together, having one succeed!

This would not have been possible without the leadership of our new Head Teacher Miss Jennifer Angeles, whose guidance and support inspired us to start strong and finish strong.  Her constant reminders, fairness, organizational skills, kindness, and generosity helped us all perform the best we can. 

Our support staff also excelled at delivering their duties, which were inspiring.

Not to mention our very supportive parents, who so willingly provided what their children needed and more, surprising all of us with their creativity as well.

And of course, our beloved students, who persevered… collaborated… and performed their best with diligence and respect, which made it all the more fulfilling for us.

We truly have one team in SIS Cilegon, which is why we are celebrating big!

It was really the best Term 1 ever!