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IGTKI (Preschool Head Teacher) Meeting

This November 2020 SIS Cilegon hosted the IGTKI (Kepala Sekolah Preschool) Meeting.  The meeting was attended by more or less 72 Principals from Cilegon where they discussed the programs and future plans of the organization.

With the theme: Creating an Active and Progressive IGTKI organization in the era Pandemic, the group talked about the Protocols they must put in place to make the schools safe for face-to-face teaching when January comes. The leaders and members of the organisation highly praised SIS Cilegon for the strict health protocols practised during the meeting.

One of the most important topics which were discussed in the meeting was the new initiative of the Department of Education, SIRAVEK. This initiative emphasizes the following concept for schools:

HEALTHY: School must have a healthy school environment

INNOVATIVE: Schools must emphasise Science and Technology

RELIGIOUS: Students must be able to express spiritual beliefs while respecting the beliefs of others

SAFE: School must be child-friendly 

VOCATIONAL: Exploring the talents of students from an early age,

ETHICS: Schools must focus on character education

COMPETITIVE: Schools must be able to produce students who are competitive

Dr. H. Ismatullah, M.Pd Head of Dinas Pendidikan; Mr Hendro Sutopo, Head of IGTKI Kecamatan Jombang; Dr Hj Sholatul Hayati M.Pd, Head of IGTKI Kota Cilegon; and Miss Ade Taufik Head of GOPTKI Kota Cilegon collectively praised SIS Cilegon for being a model school for this program.

As a result, SIS Cilegon promised to actively support and collaborate with the Department of Education to make this program a success.