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SIS Kelapa Gading: East Java Learning Journey

Written by Angela Kristie Rustham
Secondary 2 – Sincerity, SIS Kelapa Gading


Day 1

It was 5 in the morning. As expected, most of us wore sleepy and tiring looks on our faces. The atmosphere brightened up as we landed in Malang, for the first day of our journey.

It was about 11 when we landed. We all had lunch before we went into the exotic Eco Green Park. As we went in, we were all amazed with the beautiful scenery of the place, where we saw a lake full of beautiful swans, dancing gracefully in the shallow water. We saw statues which were put together by recycled materials, like an elephant that was made of old televisions, a cow made of vehicle parts, flamingos and swans that were made out of car wheels, and sheep that were made of recycled wood. Walking further in the park, we saw a collection of insects, such as butterflies, beetles, and spiders. Some of them crept inch by inch, some stood still and camouflaged to its surroundings. There were also a lot of fascinating birds to see. We took pictures with parrots, owls and eagles on our arms. We also fed some birds, such as hornbills, parakeets and ducks.

Asides from animals, we also had so much fun walking into the ‘Rumah Terbalik’, which means the upside-down house in English, and playing in the Water Outbound. We were all laughing and as some got wet during the course.

After we changed clothes, we went into the Angkut Museum, where we saw different types of vehicles from the past to present. Not only did they only display vehicles of all kinds, they had so many cool displays of different cities, such as Paris and New York, which was a great place to take pictures. We had a blast for our first day in Malang! 

Day 2

We set off from the hotel at around 8 the following day, and traveled to ‘The Bagong Adventure Museum Tubuh’. We learned more about the parts and systems in our body and how they work. Starting with the main organs of the body, such as parts of the mouth, eyes, nose, ears, and then into the body system, such as the respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, excretory system, and the urinary system.

After all of that, we got to learn more about wasps and bees from the owner of a bee farm. He taught us about the types of bees, how they make honey, how people make artificial hives and the precautions when walking near a beehive. It was an interesting experience when we spent most of the remaining time there taking photos with bees crawling on our hands, placing our hands in royal jelly to make a thing of our hand, and buying honey products.


In the evening, we did batik-making. Most of us struggled drawing the cloth with wax on our sketches. It was pretty annoying that the wax kept dripping on the cloth when we are not careful. Everyone’s design was different and unique in their own way.

We also had a seminar about NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which was basically about practising your mind to concentrate and be focused. During the seminar, we used the power of our mind to break a pencil using our index finger, breaking metal with newspaper, and walking on fire without getting burnt. It looked scary and dangerous when walking on fire, as some of us screamed as we walked(ran) through the fire. It wouldn’t be so much pain, as long as we concentrate, believe we can do it and didn’t worry about getting burnt.

Day 3

We visited a public school on our third day in Malang, SDN Dayurejo III. The children, grades 1-6, welcomed us with great excitement and joy. For their opening performance, we watched 6 pretty little girls dancing for us. For our community service, we taught the kids simple english, played with them, and painted their school’s library. One thing that surprised us the most was that they asked for our autographs and pictures together, as if we were celebrities. The girls squealed in delight when the boys(that played soccer with the kids) passed by, and they were so excited taking pictures with them.

That afternoon, we did a rope-climbing and flying fox activity. It was such a frightening yet fun experience for us. We had to stand on ropes and small planks of wood to get to the other side. Even if our hands hurt after we passed the whole course, it was a great way to learn and experience swinging and climbing ourselves.

As soon as everyone finished eating dinner, we learned how to do a traditional dance from a wise old expert dance teacher from a village nearby. It was a fun and unique experience learning the dance from him.
We woke up at midnight sharp from our 3 hours of sleep. As we arrived at bromo at about 04:30, gushes of icy wind kept coming through us. But the scenery was just worthwhile.. The spectacular sunrise combined with the calm breath of wind was most breathtaking! We took lots of pictures and selfies with the outstanding view of mountains and the volcano in the background.

When the sun was up, we started our hike to the crater of Mount Bromo. Some of us gave up halfway through the hike, and some of us rode horses along the journey. It was tiring and hot during the hike but we did enjoyed the view up there.

We went to a volcanology study. The volcanologist there explained how they work and how they figure out when a volcano is going to erupt. He told us that Mount Bromo had erupted everyday nonstop in 2011. He also told us a legend about Mount Bromo.

We had our rest back at the resort after the long trip before the gala! That evening, we were all wearing traditional dress wear. We looked elegant and beautiful in them. We watched some dancers perform a famous traditional dance before we ate a delicious dinner with all our friends.

Day 4

On our last day there, we went harvesting organic vegetables and had a look around the farm early in the morning. They had various types of plants, such as berries, cabbages, and lemongrass. The farmer let us pick berries and eat them. The black berries were sweet while the red berries were sour.

After breakfast, we had a game of paintball shooting. We were divided into two teams and competed with each other. There was a chef who demonstrated us how to make tea and cappuccino. We also experienced making our own cappuccino.

We were all sad to go home as we had so much fun in Malang. The Learning Journey around Malang wouldn’t had been so much fun without the enthusiasm of the two tour guides. We are also glad that Mr. Jeremy, Ms. Maryon and Mr. John had decided to come along in the journey with us. Thanks to everyone who had made this 5-day journey a wonderful success!