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Learning Journey to Camp Bravo, Citarik

Written by Anneliese Nelviana
Secondary 1 – Wisdom, SIS Kelapa Gading

Learning Journey is a crucial component in our educational system at SIS-KG. It helps our students to develop social skills, leadership skills, critical thinking skills, and practical skills. It gives them opportunities to experience new adventures, see different cultures and face new challenges. Learning journey teaches students beyond the four walls of the classroom and without textbooks.

Our Secondary 1 to 4 went on their Learning Journeys during the first week of November. Secondary 1 went to Camp Bravo. Secondary 2 students experienced Malang and Bromo. Secondary 3 journeyed to Telunas. Secondary 4 lived as Japanese in Nagano, Japan. The following are reflections written by a student from each Journey.

Day 1

On the first day, my friends and I went to camp bravo. We all went there using a mini tour bus. The journey was about 3 to 4 hours long. Once we reached there, we were informed which one was our tent and we also had lunch. After that, we did our first activity there, which was rafting. We learnt how to improve our teamwork in rafting as we need to row the paddles together. We were also taught the techniques to swim in the river. Besides learning many things, we also had a lot of fun.

Day 2

On the second day, my friends and I went to Cikananga Conservation Center. It is a center that have a goal to protect Indonesian animals’ species from being extinct. They rescued a lot of wild animals and they currently have hundreds of animals in their conservation center. Some animals that they rescued in there are disabled and some are used to being pets, so they couldn’t survive alone in the wild. Other than rescuing those animals, they also have a breeding center. In Cikananga Conservation Center, I learnt how to help prevent animals from being extinct. I was also taught how to make handmade treats for the animals, which I found it very interesting. We were shown many hurt animals and the guide explained to us some of their conditions. I loved this activity because I am an animal lover. At the end of the day, we flew some lanterns, which was very beautiful.

Day 3

On the third day, I went caving and shower climbing. These were my favorite activities on this trip. In caving, we went into a cave called ‘Buniayu Cave’. My friends and I were shown many different cave animals inside the caves. The guide also explained to us the names of the substances inside the cave. After caving, we took a short break to eat and then, we went shower climbing. I received a lot of challenges in shower climbing, but at the end, I could face it. This activity was my favorite because I love extreme activities. This day was the most exhausting day but it was worth it.

Day 4

On the fourth day, which was the last day, my friend and I went to a local school near our camp. There, we taught English and dancing. We sang songs with the students and played soccer with them. We also painted a mural on their school wall. I am very grateful that I could help the local school. Then after this activity was over, the learning journey trip ended. This trip was a once in a lifetime.