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Learning Journey Trip to Telunas, Batam

Written by Nadya
Secondary 3 – Resilience, SIS Kelapa Gading  


On November 5-9 2018, 23 secondary 3 students, along with 2 teachers, went to Batam for a 5-day learning journey. Our trip started with an approximately one-and-a-half-hour flight to Batam, then an eighty-minute-long boat ride to Telunas.

Our days were packed starting from day 1. Every day in Telunas was filled with numerous games and challenges. We were never bored during our stay there. We did some low rope challenges, whale watching, nitro crossing, shrimping, fishing, crabbing, and jungle hiking. We played team building games and learned to build fire, orienteering, and setting up hammocks. We experienced roasting marshmallows over the bonfire, kayaking, raft building, deck jumping, and teaching kids in a local school. From all those exciting activities, we got to know each other more while at the same time developed our sense of responsibility, courage, and ability to work together as a team.


We all had different favourite and worst parts of the trip. For me, the main highlight is the village day. We taught English to primary kids, played with them, and gave them treats. I also decided to start conversation with the secondary students to get to know more about their daily lives. In addition, I successfully made a friend with a Secondary 1 student named Flora. We chatted a lot and I even had a chance to show her pictures of Jakarta. We played volleyball together with other students after lunch and she accompanied me when I was walking through the village.

As a special present, we bought a wheelchair for a disabled secondary student. He used to be a normal child until a mysterious disease stole his ability to walk. His old wheelchair could barely move anymore. We genuinely hoped that our wheelchair could be a motivation for him to continue his academic education journey. Finally, before we left, we got a tour of the entire village and experienced first-hand the way of life of the village people.

My eyes were filled with tears when I had to leave the village. Being able to know their lives made me realise how lucky I am as a person living in Jakarta. I have always thought of Jakarta as backward and uninteresting compared to the large cities in other countries. For those village kids, however, even escaping their village and working in Batam is a very difficult thing to do, let alone being able to see Jakarta first hand. We take it for granted that we have so many amenities and we are never satisfied, always compare ourselves to the celebrities we see on TV. This experience was really an eye-opener and it will always be a lesson engraved in my heart forever.

Overall, the trip was very memorable and beneficial. Some got rid of their fear of height after jumping from the high deck, while others just couldn’t describe the overwhelming amount of delectation after various activities. For the teachers, they were amazed by our teamwork and were delighted to know a different side of their students. We are all looking forward to our next learning journey, thank you to everyone who made this excursion possible!