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Music Night for Children’s Cancer Foundation

Our annual big event “music night” is an evening concert featuring singing, dancing and a fashion show. Students were able to showcase their talents of performing arts. There was also a fashion show in which 2 JC students were able to promote their handmade t-shirts by preparing a fashion show by student models. The goal of this event was to provide a fun night for both performers and audience, along with this event acting as a charity drive to help the Children’s Cancer Foundation (Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker).

Music Night was organized by 5 students of JC1 & JC2  as a committee. The preparations took about 4 months, with relentless training and commitment of those involved, to give an oustanding night for the audience. Performers were students from secondary class and above, showcasing different genres of song such as R&B,Pop,Classic,Kpop. They were mentored by our teacher who’s an expert in singing, Ms Sunshine, while dancers were guided by our professional dancing teacher, Mr Kichan. The event was not only exclusive to SIS students and teachers as other audiences interested in watching were welcomed to this event. Outside vendors were invited to provide food and beverages such as ice cream,hot dogs,fries and others, including the support from the prom committee.

The audience were having a great time, we nailed the performances, it was overwhelmingly satifying. We are proud to say that we managed to sell more than 350 tickets, as well as raising 6 million rupiah for the foundation.

This year’s music night was yet another great success. This was made possible through the collaboration of hundreds of members. We thank the performers who dedicated their time towards each practice session, despite often ending really late at night. We would also like to thank Ms. Sunshine and Mr Kichan for advice, support, guidance and encouragement – this event was made real thanks to them. Also, we’d like to recognize the JC art students helping us with stage decorations, Pak Mahmud and his staff for the technical support and the Mr. Michael and the marketing team reaching out to the vendors. We really look forward to next year’s music night, hoping it will not only be another success, but one that succed ours.