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Hard Work, Discipline, and a School That Shared My Dream

The famous NBA basketball coach and Miami Heat team president Pat Riley believes that “excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better,” and it’s no surprise that SIS Medan alumnus Calvin Andreas Hutomo shares the same belief.

Calvin’s journey in SIS Medan began with his mother’s dream and aspiration for her children to experience bigger, better things in life. “She felt it necessary to find a school with a more supportive study environment for me,” Calvin remembered.

So when SIS Medan opened in 2003, she immediately enrolled Calvin for kindergarten with the hope that he would receive the international standard education she so wanted for him and his siblings, making him one of the first ten students of the school, which was also the first international learning institution to accept local children.

The first early years of Calvin in SIS Medan were challenging. “I would like to admit I was not born a smart kid. When I was young, I had difficulty coping with the lessons taught in school, especially mathematics.”

Calvin saw his challenges as an opportunity to be a better student, and it motivated him to achieve more. “With SIS, I had opportunities to develop my leadership skills. We did not only learn through academic studies, the teachers also shared life experiences and other general knowledge. I felt the genuine closeness with my teachers. I respect them very much. One thing I salute my teachers in SIS for was I was always able to seek my teachers’ assistance when faced with difficulty, and even when sometimes it was out of school hours.”

Calvin not only grew academically, but he also developed into a more loving, caring, mature individual. “SIS had been very influential in the formation of my character. We often visited orphanages to teach children English and do some storytelling. We celebrated Labour Day to give recognition to the security guards, janitors, and other staff members who work for the school. We are taught to respect fellow human beings equally.”

Calvin graduated from Junior College 2 from SIS Medan in June 2016. As part of the usual graduation process, the school helped him with recommendations and the university application process. With the healthy support system, excellent curriculum, and guidance from the teachers, he received a full scholarship from KAIST in South Korea, the top school for engineering. He also obtained another scholarship from a Hong Kong university.

One thing is clear for Calvin: he’s grateful for being part of SIS Medan. “I think SIS Medan is a good school, and I’m very proud to have been part of an institution that places high regard when it comes to constantly innovating and raising quality standards in the development of international education.”