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Benefits of Online Learning

Written by Ryan Krause
SIS Medan, Head Teacher

As online learning becomes the “new normal”, it isn’t all bad news. No one would argue that classroom learning and online learning are different from each other, but online learning does have positives.

As Natalie Wexler explains in Forbes Magazine, remote learning has some surprising benefits.

Classroom management is easier as teachers have the tools available to them to control student responses and reduce disruptive behaviour. With lessons being recorded, students are also able to work at their own pace and go over the lessons again to strengthen understanding. Group activities can also be managed in break-out rooms, which removes all distraction.

Accuracy and speed of assessment is improved as teachers can use interactive response applications to get students answers immediately. This leads to more accurate and timely feedback and teachers are able to adapt their lessons to the students level of understanding. Students who are normally shy or apprehensive in class, now respond more freely and participate in formative assessment activities more willingly.

Teachers are teaching beyond the textbook. At SIS Medan we refer to this as learning without limits. We encourage students to go beyond the curriculum to enrich their learning experience. Learning without limits at SIS Medan is made possible through interactive online activities, flipped classrooms, video simulations and cross-curricular projects and assignments that connect student learning to the world around them.