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Checklist to Choose the Perfect International School

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect International School

Are you looking for an excellent international school in Indonesia for your children? Are you overwhelmed by the options open to you? Are you struggling to make a decision? Read this checklist. This will help you make a better, smarter, and more informed decision.


  1. Does the school have an international aspect?
  2. Is the school located in a quiet and natural place, conducive to learning?
  3. Does the school have international accreditations?
  4. International Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE are recognized worldwide. Does your international school follow any of these curricula?
  5. Is there a focus on extracurricular activities as well as academics?
  6. Does the school focus on the sports your children are used to playing (such as soccer, basketball)?
  7. Does the school have air-conditioned classrooms since the weather in Indonesia can be hot and humid?
  8. Does the school have a frontline infrastructure in terms of laboratories and other resources?
  9. Are teachers trained to handle international students?
  10. Does the school serve global cuisine in the cafeteria?
  11. Does the school follow a global calendar of recognised events?
  12. If it’s a residential school, check if your child will feel at home in their lounge?
  13. Is the school flexible when it comes to taking care of your child’s transportation needs?
  14. How will the school help smooth your child’s transition to a new environment?
  15. What global educational institutions of higher learning do the school’s graduates attend?


If you are an expatriate looking to enroll your child in an international school in Indonesia, make sure you speak with the parents of children who attend each school. Walk around the schools that interest you, if possible, take your child with you. Do all this, before making your decision. After all, your kids deserve the best.


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