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SIS New Way Of Learning

SIS Semarang

Rahel Yosi Ritonga, Parent of Kay Zachary Pinatar, Primary 5

"That is really important, so both the students and the parents will not think that they are only given tasks to do without any guidance or review. A returned review from teacher is necessary so students won't miss any important points in their learning."

Ms. Weny – Hayyu’s mum – P3

"I am relieved a week had been passed and it went well. I trust SIS teaching team will pursue perfecting the e-learning system. Tomorrow it will be better. Hopefully the pandemic curves down sooner than what we worried about and things will go back to normal. Stay safe, well and healthy to all."

Mrs. Suganya Sivaraj – Akilesh and Asihwarya’s mum – Secondary 2 and JC 2

"I have been a SIS Parent for 9 years. I really appreciate all the efforts our head teacher, subject teachers and non-teaching staff are putting into distance learning. Distance - learning is a new program for all of us, but after seeing this week's progress, I'm so happy to see how well it's going. Thank you to our entire SIS community."

Ms. Yenyen – Rinoa, Mischka, Eugene’s mum – P4,P3 and P2

"Thanks Mr. Len and of course all the teachers. We are really appreciate all of your hard work. My kids told me that they like the 'normal school' better but yeah this is the condition we have to face now. I hope all the teachers, parents, and students to have a good health during this time Go SIS Semarang"

Ms. Yuni – Leitizia’s mum – Secondary 2

"Thanks, Mr Len, for giving us an alternative way of learning despite this critical condition. It’s a good experience. Stay healthy and take care of your health everyone."

Mr. Yudi – Juan’s father – Secondary 3

"Today, I'm really surprised with my son's enthusiasm. I thought he just played around with his friends. I often didn't believe that he studied seriously. I'm glad it was wrong. This kind of learning opens my eyes."

Mrs. Vinaya - Kartik & Ritvik's mum - P6 & P1

"Thanks to all teachers who are trying to extend a sense of care to our kids and learning to work together with new challenges.They are all doing great job and trying to their best by introducing online classes.I understand, its a new thing for all of us and it has its own pros and cons."

SIS Medan

Mrs Joy - Jordei's mother - K2Foxes

"Jordei is having fun with the online learning"

Mrs Imelda - Adelle Sec 1 and Walter P1's Mother

"Well I must commend you on the way the school has adapted so far. The online delivery seems to be going great. Nice One."

Mrs Lina - Yantricia's Mother - P6

"So Far Yantricia is fine. She sit and do her work until the afternoon. In this kind of situation we feel grateful that kids can still study through this online system. Feel like they are in school."

Mrs. Made Tirta Kusuma Dewi - Abigail's Mother - P4B Horses

"Can't thank enough for all teachers for teaching our kids soooo well for years, while we, parents, can't even do it for just a few days."

SIS Kelapa Gading

Mr. Mark - Emily Primary 2

"I want to tell you that the work you have given (and non core subjects too) has worked very well. Emily has enjoyed the work and has clearly learnt a lot this week and developed good study skills. I think this student centred approach is much more effective than holding zoom classes because Emily has been engaged and motivated. Anyway, thanks to all the teachers for the work. I hope you are well."

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