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Why Cambridge? A trusted pathway has been built for you

Written by Lenard Murray
Executive Head of Schools

I am often asked the same question when meeting prospective parents who visit SIS Semarang, “Why Cambridge?” I am always able to quickly and confidently answer with, “Because it works!”

To elaborate, Cambridge is, and always has been, a distinguished and reputable educational organization, one which has been around since 1858 and has continuously adapted curriculum and assessments to match with the changing times. This ensures that teachers are steadily up-to-date on changing trends in education and students are continually challenged with relevant material.

A Cambridge education prepares students for life, helps them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Schools can shape a Cambridge curriculum around how they want their students to learn, helping them discover new abilities and a wider world. Cambridge students develop the skills they need to achieve at school, university and work.

Moreover, during these many years of development, Cambridge has constructed a solid educational pathway for parents and students to follow. It has been strategically proven and designed to guide students through Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE and Junior College A level years. The final outcome is for students to be ready and be accepted into prestigious universities in Indonesia and abroad.

Please have a look at the Cambridge Assessment International Education guide for parents onWhy Cambridge?