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Kid Friendly Vacations in Asia

Written by Lenard Murray
Executive Head of Schools

The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.

With  SIS Group of School’s Term break just 2 weeks away, do you have any plans for you and your family? With no school days scheduled from September 27th through to October 7th, there is definitely opportunity for some extended family time. Whether it is spent as family time at home, exploring the region or venturing abroad, there is something out there for everyone.

When planning a family vacation or getaway, it can be complicated, one must consider what places would appeal to children, teenagers, mom, dad and possibly even grandparents or other relatives. Each will have very different ideas of where they would like to go and what kinds of things they would like to do. Children and teenagers most likely have no idea regarding the costs of such trips, they are just along for the ride. Thus parents must take it upon themselves to choose the destination and hope that their kids will enjoy the place of their choice.

A full family vacation may not be possible due to the short break. Also many parents may have to work or run their businesses and so forth. Please remember that we call it a break for a very good reason. Students need a break, so they can revitalize their bodies and minds and return to school fresh and ready for another term of learning and  term 2 examinations. No matter your choice, we hope that this break will be a great time to spend with your children.

If a short getaway or vacation is a possibility for you and your family, here are 8 kid friendly destinations in Asia which you could choose from. Happy holidays.