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A Great Learning Environment

The science is clear1 great learning environments are about more than just colorful interior design. The educational setting itself can be inherently positive or negative based on the attitudes of the teachers and staff. Teachers impact the physical, psychological and instructional setting for their students and should take this into account everyday of the school year.

Science class at SIS South Jakarta

Physical Environment

When you arrive at SIS South Jakarta in Jakarta, Indonesia, you can’t help but notice the green foliage and peaceful surroundings of the Bona Vista neighbourhood not far from the Pondok Indah neighbourhood in South Jakarta. It’s still Jakarta but can often feel like a world away from the big city – a world that is just a little calmer, brighter and more oriented to learning.

Psychological Environment

Inside SIS BV classrooms there is a conscious and consistent effort to make sure students are confident and comfortable in the classroom so that the psychological environment they enter every day facilitates inquiry, discovery and a positive attitude.

Instructional Environment

The instructional environment is also important to consider. The methods teachers use to instruct should include a variety of lecture, hands-on activities, cooperative learning groups and plenty of small group and individual practice. At SIS BV every teacher aims for a positive and upbeat atmosphere for instruction with an air of fun and excitement. We believe strongly that students that find learning interesting and fun stay engaged and will remember content long-term.

A Positive Learning Environment

A positive learning environment encourages:

  • Student confidence
  • High academic achievement
  • Good social skills
  • Positive relationships
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Willingness for trial and error and risk taking

A Negative Learning Environment

A negative learning environment can lead to:

  • Low confidence
  • Poor academic achievement
  • Fighting, stress and reduced social skills
  • Inability to solve problems
  • Fear of consequences and of taking chances

If you believe the learning environment is important to selecting a school for your child in South Jakarta, we love visitors and would be excited to show you around our beautiful campus. You can book a tour online here. You can also find more information and tips for selecting a school for your child in Indonesia here.

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1 US Kinetics research on learning environments.