Virtual Reality

Written by Andrew Paterson
SIS Group of Schools, Director of Schools

Virtual Reality (VR) at SIS South Jakarta provides an immersive learning environment that has been shown to be an effective way of teaching complex or foreign concepts. Full immersion in a virtual environment improves students’ attention. It engages and inspires students in unique and powerful ways.

VIRTUAL REALITY will be used in:

  • Our Virtual Reality Co-curricular Activities. Teachers will help students engage in interesting VR educational experiences, such as “visiting” famous international locations in which they feel like they are really there but without leaving the room, virtual science experiments and simulations of historical or scientific events, concepts or viewpoints such as feeling like they are controlling travel inside a human body or in outer space. Advanced students will be able to design their own virtual spaces.
  • Virtual Reality can be used to teach empathy by having students experience the point of view of others or develop social and communication skills in a much less threatening environment than face to face.
  • Teachers will use our set of VR Headsets as part of some of their lessons to provide students with a more effective way of understanding the concepts or ideas being taught in their regular subjects. Students remember better what they experience and understand.
  • Eventually, we believe that students will be so comfortable using VR that they will be able to use “virtual classrooms” for a much better distance learning experience or as a way for them to learn with students from other SIS schools in different locations around the world and have it feel as if they are really in the same room.

Like all technology used in our school, learning content and experiences are carefully controlled but we are also aware of the importance of teaching all students about online safety and appropriate online behavior outside of school. Our Digital Citizenship program is among the most comprehensive and professionally designed available anywhere and it will ensure that your children are well guided and prepared to deal with everything from fake news to online predators to cyber bullying.

Virtual Reality is not a gimmick – it will become as normal and universal as laptops are today. It is important that confidence in gaining its benefits and avoiding its pitfalls is developed early in a comprehensive program and does not just happen randomly. That is why SIS South Jakarta is investing resources in this important area.