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Singapore School Mathematics Olympiad
6 March 2021

Competition Date (Time) : 6 March 2021 at 8 AM – 3 PM
Venue : Zoom Online Meeting
Note: The link will be shared by the liaison to the registered number during the technical meeting.
Technical Meeting : 27 February 2021 at 1 PM
To register : 17 February 2021
Registration Fee :
Early Bird until 13 February 2021 : Rp. 75,000
Regular Price : Rp. 100,000
There will be 3 competition categories :
– Junior : Secondary 1 – 2
– Intermediate : Secondary 3 – 4
– Advanced : Junior College 1 – 2


Singapore School Math Olympiad or SISMO, is an online math competition hosted by the JC 1 Mathletes of SIS Kelapa Gading for Junior to Advanced level. We wish to provide an enriching and stimulating experience that allows participants to apply their knowledge to a specific, practical problem. We believe that this event will assist students in connecting with the top employers while exposing their talents and challenging themselves to realize their dreams. This is also a great opportunity for the children of Educare and students across Jabodetabek to experience the beauty of a different side of mathematics. All profits from this event will be donated to Pondok Kasih Agape Orphanage. This competition will be powered by Ylearn, Edtech platform that help schools and teachers facilitate better assessments.

About Mathletes


We envision being able to contribute to society through Mathematics, by having a deep understanding of the concepts of Mathematics around us, and we envision applying it creatively to everyday use through critical thinking and problem-solving. We envision that this is forwarded and supported by a community of passionate Mathematics teachers, hardworking students, and committed teaching assistants doing, learning, and teaching the art of Olympiad level Mathematics. As Mathletes, we envision doing higher-level mathematics as high school students, and comprehending the concepts behind the olympiad problems in order to apply the techniques creatively. We envision ourselves as a group of people, who deeply appreciate Mathematics, and as a group of people with a passion for critical thinking and problem-solving.


We develop, discover and share with each other concepts, methods, and techniques to develop our problem-solving skills. We work together towards the common goal of gaining a valuable learning experience at the end of each session, and we strive to improve and develop our skills in Mathematics at a higher level. We strive to proudly represent our school at the prestigious Mathematics Olympiads at international levels.

Contact us for more information:

Kenneth: 0813-1600-5050
Emma: 0896-9624-4191
Email: [email protected]
IG: @kgmathletes

All profits will be donated to Pondok Kasih Agape.