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Want to know how to get your child into a great university?

Here is the secret.

Getting into a top university is the wish of every parent. But what is the secret? How do you choose the right program and school that will beset prepare your child for university? The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is one that is precisely designed to best prepare a student to not only get into a good university, but also to succeed in university. 

The IBDP has grown in popularity over the last 2 decades and is now a proven curriculum that increases academic opportunities i.e. IBDP graduates are more likely to be accepted into top tertiary institutions. 

This is because the IBDP encourages students to become confident and independent learners, to be critical thinkers, to manage their time well and be globally minded. It encourages breadth and depth of learning, subjects are not taught in isolation and it assesses more than a student’s ability to write exams. It is no wonder that the IBDP is an international qualification that is recognised the world over by universities and employers.

Among many things, IBDP students write Extended Essays (EE) that require independent research and in-depth study. They also participate in creative action service (CAS) outside the classroom to develop maturity.

At SIS Medan, we have developed the Foundation IB Programme (FIBP) especially for Indonesian students. The SIS FIBP has been set up to better prepare and enhance the skills students need for the IBDP in years 11 and 12 – the penultimate 2 years before university – starting already in year 10.  This not only gives them a chance to gain more experience related to the IB Philosophy but also a head start into crucial skills related to meeting deadlines and efficient time management.

SIS FIBP not only helps students transition from their final year of Junior College but it also provides an in-depth look into the expectations and rigour of the actual Diploma Programme.

At the end of this Programme all students will either receive a IB Diploma or a IB Certificate, depending on their final grades.

At SIS Medan we believe that the face of education is constantly changing, and the job market of tomorrow demands that students be well equipped with a number of practical skills.  The Foundation IB Programme positions your children for success in the Diploma Programme, but more importantly it provides them with a solid foundation of knowledge they need to attend university anywhere in the world and develop the skills they need to obtain the job of their dreams.