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SIS-Myanmar-Banner-2022-September Singapore International School 25-Years Going Strong! SIS-Myanmar-Slider-Building-Sept-21 SIS Myanmar Click here to see our Virtual Tour SIS-Myanmar-HT-Logo-25 John Murphy "Welcome to SIS Myanmar! It is my pleasure and privilege to lead this wonderful learning community. Every member of our community strives to live up to our five core values which lead inspired students to an inspired future. This is done through teaching and learning from a variety of international curricula which gives the students a firm foundation in 21st Century skills and a character development approach which ensures a holistic education experience from nursery to graduation. In this way, the students are ready for the world of tomorrow and have the agility to meet whatever challenges come their way so as to succeed in a fast-changing world. Join us on this exciting journey!" Head Teacher SIS-Myanmar-Register-Now-2023-scaled Registration for 2023 is Now Open ! SIS-Myanmar-Slider-Winner-CFI-2021 Singapore International School Educational Award 2021 Winner

Jaspal Sidhu - SIS Group of Schools Founder

“I have always been enchanted by Myanmar. Its rich history, its people, and beautiful traditions are a testimony of a hard-working population. However Myanmar, like the other countries, is not free from the challenges of technology, world politics and globalization. The young today need 21st century skills like analytical thinking and collaboration. Singapore is leading the world in an education system that is moulding its population to take on these challenges. I know that SIS Myanmar, in this partnership with SLG, will emulate the kind of success I have seen in other countries where we have established SIS schools.”

Ye Wint Aung (William) - SIS Myanmar Founder

“Inspired by the needs of Myanmar’s youth as well as our experience in real estate and building schools, it was only natural that we look at establishing a top international school with the world’s best curriculum to ensure that the young are ready to face an unpredictable world. A lot of thought has gone in establishing this institution. We wanted to work with a school group with a network across many countries, and one that has been recognized in the world for its transformational work in education. The experience and reputation of the SIS Group of Schools will ensure the success of SIS Myanmar.”

Kaung Htet Aung (Steven) - SIS Myanmar Founder

“With the 21st century bringing unpredictable challenges to our children, my family have always felt Myanmar needed a very progressive school. We visited many countries, examined many education systems and looked at many school models to bring the best back home. Our belief is that education is life itself. The essence of every development and progressive thinking lies in a good education system. We dream of providing a lifelong path to improve the livelihoods of children and shape them to be the forward-thinking influencers for many generations to come. We are convinced that this partnership with the SIS Group of Schools from Singapore, will deliver quality and affordable education right here in Myanmar.”

Alvin Hew - Board Director

“Being involved with international education since 2000 as a parent and as a board member spanning Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei American School and Singapore American School, I have seen the value of such an education. At SIS we truly aim to inspire our learners toward greater heights and to do it in a way that sparks curiosity and inquiry in an environment that is personalised with a strong focus on developing 21st century skills that our learners need to succeed and excel now and in the future.”

With its rich history and population of almost 54 million,  Myanmar (also known as Burma) is renowned for its warm, friendly and hard working population.  The countryside consists of beautiful mountains, scenic plains and lovely islands, beaches, and is one of ASEAN’s popular tourist destinations. Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the largest city in Myanmar and the busiest commercial centre that is strategically located attracting numerous investors and foreign investment.

SIS Myanmar is the SIS Group of Schools’ next international campus. Located in Yangon, in a partnership with SLG Education, a member of SLG Holdings, SIS Myanmar aims to prepare local and international students for the 21st century. The SIS Group of Schools is the region’s most renowned K-12 School group with international and private schools in multiple countries. It is in a strategic partnership with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) to bring high-end, quality schools at affordable fees to countries across the world.

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The SIS Group of Schools is fast expanding into Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Korea and soon to China, Kazakhstan and Africa. The SIS Group of Schools is a network of schools. Networks give greater access to resources and promote creative ideas among schools. Students from SIS Myanmar will work on projects with their peers in other schools within the SIS Group of Schools. Teachers will also collaborate with their fellow educators from across the network.

This effective eco-system of collaboration was recognized and acknowledged by the Financial Times (FT) and the IFC, International Finance Corporation (World Bank) when SIS became the only K-12 school in the world to be awarded the global 2019 FT-IFC Transformational Business Award – Education in London.

Our schools are especially designed to stimulate creativity, enhance concentration and allow students and teachers to work in teams as well as collaborate to allow SIS Programs to achieve their maximum impact.

The SIS Group of Schools adopts 3 world-renowned curricula; the Singapore curriculum in the pre-school as well as the primary levels. The Singapore system is then complemented by the Cambridge curriculum at the secondary school levels. For our high schools (Junior College) we adopt the Cambridge A-levels and/or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).

Embedded in the curriculum is our PACE initiative which looks to develop 21st century skills; Perseverance, Analytical thinking, Collaboration / Communication and Entrepreneurism.

All SIS teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They are part of the diversity of cultures within the school, that we embrace. They are passionate about what they teach and have excellent subject knowledge.

For students who are still working towards the expectations of the subject, SIS has an Academic Support Program, where the subject teacher will give individual support and attention to the student outside of curriculum time. This allows them personalized attention.

Parents will always remain the main influence in a child’s learning experience and education. In SIS Schools, we encourage parents to provide feedback to us on our learner’s experiences and emotions in their learning journeys at home. We then work with parents to enhance and reinforce their learning to ensure our children are always having fun learning both in school and at home.

SIS Myanmar SIS Myanmar SIS Myanmar


Every child is a unique individual who has an innate desire to do his or her very best. Children must be valued, listened to, respected, loved and cared for. Our Nurturing Early Learners Framework aims to build the foundation for children to achieve the desired outcomes of education and key stage outcomes by helping them acquire knowledge. Download Brochure

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Every child is a unique individual who has an innate desire to do his or her very best. Children must be valued, listened to, respected, loved and cared for. Our Nurturing Early Learners Framework aims to build the foundation for children to achieve the desired outcomes of education and key stage outcomes by helping them acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions through six learning areas added with Information Technology and the Mandarin language.

Language and Literacy:

Students learn to listen for information and enjoyment. Speak to convey meaning and communicate with others. They will use drawing, mark-making, symbols and writing with invented and conventional spelling to communicate ideas and information. Examples: Story time, rhymes and songs, creative writing, phonics development and reading.


Students will learn to count, classify, manipulate numbers, and concepts (time, shapes, measures, patterns) through stories, games and exploration.

Discovery of the World:

Students will find out why things happen and how things work through simple investigations and explorations. They will learn to show an interest in the world they live in and others around them. Examples: cooking, environmental awareness, responsibility, and celebrating cultural diversity.

Motor Skills Development:

Students will learn to demonstrate control and coordination in fine motor tasks as well as gross motor skills. They will develop healthy habits and safety awareness at home, in school and in public places. Examples: Sand and water play, gym, indoor and outdoor play, get fit programme, threading, art activities and field trips.

Social and Emotional Development:

Students will learn to develop an awareness of personal identity and how to manage emotions and behaviors. They will also learn to show respect for diversity and how to become independent and responsible life-long learners

Aesthetic and Creative Expression

Students will learn to express ideas and feelings through art, music and movement. They will create art and music and movement using experimentation and imagination. Examples: Art, music, dance, performance, developing personal expression and confidence.

Information Technology (IT):

Students will learn to develop computer skills and how to use technology purposefully.


Students will learn to speak with confidence, recognize and write characters, songs , rhymes, stories and other cultural activities.


Classes Offered
Nursery One 2 – 3 years
Nursery Two
3 – 4 years
Kindergarten One
4 – 5 years
Kindergarten Two
5- 6 years


Lists of Subjects:
– Language and Literacy 
– Numeracy 
– Motor Skills Development 
– Art, Music & Movement 
– Discovery of the World 
– Social & Emotional Development 
– IT

SIS Myanmar SIS Myanmar SIS Myanmar


The Primary Curriculum aligns itself with the Singaporean Curriculum which focuses on the three learning domains: Life Skills, Knowledge Skills and Subject Based Learning which ensures the acquisition of knowledge and values and competencies to face the challenges of the 21st century. Download Brochure

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The Primary Curriculum aligns itself with the Singaporean Curriculum which focuses on the three learning domains: Life Skills, Knowledge Skills and Subject Based Learning which ensures the acquisition of knowledge and values and competencies to face the challenges of the 21st century.


The curriculum aims to develop the whole child, not just academic abilities. The focus is on equipping children with the necessary social skills and academic knowledge so that learning is engaging and meaningful and can be related to real life experiences. Teachers use student-centred approaches when planning lessons showing awareness of prior learning and assess pupils’ progress formally and informally. Inter-disciplinary projects feature in the curriculum and allow students to explore a range of questions using a cross-curricular approach.


The Primary Curriculum is subject based and the core subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. In Lower Primary these subjects are taught by Form Teachers and in Upper Primary more subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Burmese Language is also an important part of the curriculum as well as Information and Communication Technology, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health Education, Arts and Crafts, Music, PPKN and Religion.


On completing the primary stage of education, we expect the students to understand and respond to a range of situations confidently and to have an awareness of the importance of respecting people from a range of cultures and countries. Students should understand the important of processes and systems and be able to apply their knowledge to a range of subjects, taking pride in their work and demonstrating that they are independent and confident learners. Students should be aware of the importance of their own nationality whilst thinking globally about a range of issues and their impact on the world. Students will know how to communicate effectively and work as a team and how to maintain the ‘family ethos’ of SIS Myanmar.


Lists of Subjects:
– English Language 
– Mathematics 
– Science (Primary 3 +) 
– Burmese Language 
– Chinese Language 
– Information Technology 
– Social Studies 
– Physical Education 
– Art and Craft 
– Music 
– Health Education


SIS Myanmar


The SIS Secondary School Curriculum adopts both the Singaporean and the Cambridge University programme. This programme is for students from the age group of 13 – 16 years old. The students are made familiar with a broad range of experiences. Download Brochure

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The SIS Secondary School Curriculum adopts both the Singaporean and the Cambridge University programme. This programme is for students from the age group of 13 – 16 years old. The students are made familiar with a broad range of experiences. The programme also encourages greater interaction and looks to students making the best bonds and strong friendships for life.

General characteristics of the SIS Secondary Curriculum

The Secondary programme builds on the foundation of the early primary years. It also looks to bringing out each student’s individual interest and liking for the various subject matters. The Syllabus is streamlined without diluting students’ preparedness for higher education. This frees up time for our students to focus on core knowledge and life skills, and to provide greater space for flexibility in carrying out school-based activities in the curriculum. SIS offers a comprehensive Community Service Programme where the students engage in deliberating, planning, implementing, and reflecting on their Community Service, thereby sustaining high quality service learning. Secondary and JC students are required to perform a fixed number of hours of community service. Most international colleges generally make Community Service an essential part of their entry requirements.

Subjects Offered

Lower Secondary students (Secondary 1 and 2) are enrolled in the following subjects: English Language/ ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages); Chinese Language/ Indonesian Language/ French/XESOL (Extra English for Speakers of Other Languages); Mathematics; Science; Computer Science; Geography; History; Literature; Art and Design; Physical Education; Music and Research Education.

Subject choices for Upper Secondary are: English/ESOL; English Literature; Mathematics; Additional Mathematics; Coordinated Science; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Chinese; French; Indonesian Language; Accounting; Information Technology; Art and Design; History; Research Education; Business Studies; Economics and Physical Education.

International Assessments:

  1. Check Point by the University of Cambridge offered in more than 50 countries.
  2. IGCSE by the University of Cambridge offered in more than 150 countries.


List of Subjects:


Lists of Subjects:
Upper Secondary Subjects Lower Secondary Subjects
– English Language 
– Mathematics 
– Science 
– History 
– Geography 
– English Literature 
– Chinese Language 
– Information Technology 
– Physical Education 
– Art and Craft 
– Music
– First Language English
– English as a Second Language
– Mathematics
– Additional Mathematics
– Global Perspectives
– Geography
– Businness Studies
– Accounting
– Information and Communication Technology
– Biology
– Chemistry
– Physics
– Chinese as a First Language
– Chinese as a Foreign Language
– Burmese Language
– Indonesian as a Foreign Language
– Economics
– English Literature
– Art and Design
– PE (not examined)
– Values (not examined)


SIS Myanmar SIS Myanmar

Co-Curricular Activities

The outstanding Co-Curricular Activities offered at SIS schools are unique to each campus. However, each activity, at each school, is organised and monitored by trained professionals and staff that are passionate about teaching the unique skills required. Leadership in the boardroom often begins with leadership on the pitch and SIS Co-Curricular make full use of these engaging activities to drive home positive values related to team play, individual development and leadership.


MONDAY Swimming K2 and P1 – P2 3.00 – 4.00
TUESDAY Badminton P1 – P6 3.00 – 4.00
Theater Arts K2, P1 – P6 3.00 – 4.00
WEDNESDAY Swimming P3 – P6 3.00 – 4.00
THURSDAY English Writing Club P1 – P6 3.00 – 4.00
Futsal P1 – P3 3.00 – 4.00

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How to Apply

Admission Process

  1. School Inquiry / School Tour
  2. Initial Document Submission & Processing Enrollment Form for the placement process. (Documents : photocopy of students passport and 2 years of their Academic transcript from their current school / if any)
  3. Registration Fee
  4. Interview with Head Teacher / Deputy Head Teacher (for all levels)

(Should the students and parents be located abroad, the interview will be done through Zoom. The school will notify the time and date)

  1. Confirmation of Acceptance
  2. School Fee Payment
  3. Uniform Purchase

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