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SIS Semarang: School of the Future

At SIS Semarang we pride ourselves on providing award-winning, affordable, and high-quality international education. Our school features the unique SIS Schools tri-curricular approach with Singapore, Cambridge, and IB Curriculums, preparing students for the 21st-century with programs like Active Learning, Coding, Robotics, and Virtual Reality.

As the Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) Group enters its 26th-year we are marking this milestone with a focus on the most diverse school in Semarang. To further enhance the learning experience at SIS Semarang our facilities are getting a big upgrade with a brand-new junior college building, covered basketball court, race track, and more.

Parents are expressing their excitement and confidence in the school’s innovative approach:

“We are very optimistic about providing our children with a better educational environment suitable to their era as the world is changing very fast. We agree with all the programs that SIS is putting in place for the future,” said Mrs. Arien and Mrs. Novita, Parent Support Group representatives.

Proud SIS Semarang parents, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, had this to say about the educational environment being aligned with the demands of a rapidly changing world, “I was very impressed with the program expansion and development. I was very pleased, and our daughter has so much to look forward to in her education and development in the years to come.”

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If you live in Semarang or are exploring moving your family to this vibrant city, make sure to get in touch with the friendly team there to arrange a one-on-one discussion with Head Teacher Lenard Murray and catch a tour of our lovely, green campus.