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Why We Write

Written by Clea Princessa Justine
Secondary 2, SIS Palembang

We write because we are told to, some write because they simply want to. It’s a requirement that students have to be able to write, as it is one of the most general skills a person could have. However, sometimes you see your fellow classmate scribbling ideas just because they want to, and you wonder why somebody would do such a stressful activity and call it their hobby.

True, our daily assignments, essay-based questions, non-fiction passages and narratives can drive us crazy, but here are some reasons why we should write.

Writing is an outlet where we can let all thoughts pour through. It allows us to have a small conversation with ourselves where we debate about a certain issue. This trains our understanding about ourselves, which is very essential, especially in our current lives as preteens, teens, and anywhere in between. It gives us a better idea of our own character so that we have better control over what we are, who we are as a person. You know that saying, where they say we have to understand ourselves in order to love ourselves and honestly, being able to love ourselves is the best thing we could ever ask for.

Sometimes I like referring to fantasy as a language, it’s a completely different set of words. It brings out phrases we never knew existed and therefore trains our fantasy, as the reader and the writer. People who read often usually has such a big scale of imagination, although that doesn’t mean they can write the same way they have always read. It’s not going to be as good, even though they know hundreds of books.

In my opinion, the best way to make sure we can read and at least understand it in structure enough to be able to write something on a similar class is to annotate our books. Some people treat their books like gold and are too scared to place a dot on its pages, and in my opinion it’s not that necessary. When we are brave enough to write our own messages over someone else’s point of perspective, we are starting to be judgmental. This skill will allow a person to grade their own work better and understand it, they will soon know what to do and what not to do in writing. This is why in exams, they don’t only test out readings skills, but also our writing skills, so that they are well balance.