SIS e-Olympics: Reconnecting the SIS Community

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SIS e-Olympics: Reconnecting the SIS Community

Feeling bored and uninspired as you just #StayAtHome?

Don’t worry! We have a special event prepared for you to spice up virtual learning.

The SIS Group of Schools family is launching the biggest virtual event of the year, the SIS e-Olympics: Inspire 2021, where about 10,000 viewers and participants from all SIS group of schools in Indonesia, Korea, Chennai and Myanmar are expected to join. According to SIS Founder Mr Jaspal Sidhu, “The SIS Olympics always had that one massive objective: to build the SIS family spirit and camaraderie across all our communities and stakeholders.”

He believes that our indomitable spirit keeps us going in these difficult times. “If we can’t play the sport, then we will change the sport. If we can’t fly in and compete then we will get technology to work for us.”

Traditionally, the SIS Olympics is the biggest and the most awaited event every year as many SIS students and teachers look forward to host, join and celebrate camaraderie and friendly competition through the different events held. Not only does the SIS Olympics awaken the competitive and yet friendly spirit within the SIS family, it also provides an avenue for so many teaching moments during the preparations and in the final event. According to Miss Rapuncel, headteacher of SIS Cilegon and over-all event coordinator, “When I came to SIS (5 years ago), It was one of the most anticipated events by the kids. They prepare for the competitions months in advance.” She recalls many unforgettable memories when she was still a teacher in SIS KJ, where “all the teachers and staff were involved with the preparations. I remember we came to school at 6 AM to train the kids.”

But, with our current situation, social distancing and virtual learning have transformed the way we interact with each other. In fact, last year, there was no SIS Olympics. But this year, all the Council of Head Teachers joined forces to defy the limitations of social distancing (not in a literal sense, though) and virtual learning. Thus through the SIS e-Olympics, we aim to awaken the camaraderie amongst the different schools, as well as to foster healthy competition and provide a platform for all members of the SIS family to showcase their talents from soccer skills to dance challenges, quiz bees, to e-sports. There will be lots of events that will give opportunity for group and individual participation, where parents and students alike can join! Furthermore, the SIS e-Olympics aims to bridge the gap brought about by social distancing and to reconnect all of the SIS group of schools as one community. Just like what Mr Rober Davis, headteacher of SIS Semarang states, “This is our first ever online e-Olympics, but for me, it’s about the spirit of competition, the pride of representing your school, the chance to meet and compete against students from other SIS schools, and a break from the rigours, of academic norms.” The organizers of this event look forward to igniting the unity of the SIS family and keeping our collaborative spirits ablaze.

Students, parents and teachers are all welcome to take part in the various games and competitions in store for everyone. Each school will soon be holding their respective elimination rounds, so please watch out for more announcements for the elimination rounds in your school! This will culminate in the final event on April 24th, 2021 – where we meet together as a family in one event platform to join in the competition, watch performances and receive our awards. Some of the highlights on that day will be the special participation of a few selected gifted and talented students from the different schools.

With that in mind, what are you waiting for? Ask your form teacher today. Be a part of our first-ever virtual SIS e-Olympics!