SIS Virtual Reality Pilot Project Kickoff

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SIS Virtual Reality Pilot Project Kickoff

Pioneer Session in AltspaceVR

Innovation at the SIS Group of Schools never sleeps. As we seek to understand how VR (Virtual Reality) can enrich student learning journeys a pioneering group of our select academic heads and partners met for the first time in a collaborative space called AltspaceVR

What is AltspaceVR?

AltspaceVR is one of many new collaborative virtual environments where people can gather, hold meetings, seminars, training sessions or classes – or just hang out. Other virtual environments include Facebook’s Horizon, VR Chat and Oculus’ Venues. Each one has various pros and cons and we are exploring them all during the SIS VR Pilot Project. 

The VR Pilot seeks to better understand the various platforms, applications and potential use cases for VR and how it can be used to enhance and augment the more traditional learning environment. 

A unique feature of AltspaceVR is it is a hybrid environment meaning people who own a VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) can experience AltspaceVR in full “VR mode” while those without a VR HMD can also share the experience in 2D via their PC or laptop using just a keyboard and mouse.

What’s next? 

While the first pioneer sessions will involve only the senior academic team, we will be looking for student and teacher volunteers down the road. Stay tuned for more on the VR Pilot Project rollout and an opportunity to volunteers to be a SIS Virtual Pioneer.