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25 Years of Experience Informs an Inspiring Future for the SIS Group of Schools

Written by Andrew Paterson
SIS Group of Schools, Director of Schools

Since establishing one of the first schools in Indonesia with an enhanced curriculum taught in English to meet the needs of Indonesian citizens as well as expatriates, the former Singapore International School Group (now SIS Group of Schools) has provided thousands of students with confidence to use English in real life settings, access to international universities and scholarships and inspired them to improve their lives and their futures.

The group of 7 SIS schools in Indonesia and 3 overseas (with more next year) has used this extensive experience to create an exciting vision for the next 25 years. The founder of SIS, Singaporean Jaspal Sidhu says, “We put a serious premium on the mental and physical well-being of our entire community. That includes children, parents, our teachers and staff. At this 25-year inflection point, we are mindful that everyone has been through a lot during a global pandemic and a global economic emergency. We are also mindful that while technology has been tremendously helpful during this crisis, we all look forward to an even more connected community where we come together again, in person, and unite to face the next 25-years together.” 

SIS knows that technology is not a replacement for the face to face care and support, sport, activities and social context that are all such an important parts of school education, however, newly available technologies can provide unique opportunities for learning to prepare students for the remainder of the 21st century and help overcome the financial barriers that have kept a world class education from so many in Indonesia and East Asia. As Indonesia continues to grow in prosperity, it will need a smart, resilient and savvy population of innovators who are able to operate with confidence internationally across religious and cultural divides. SIS is pioneering the use of virtual reality in education and putting other powerful tools into the hands of more students.

As much as technology will help empower students for the future, SIS believes that schools should ensure that the best teachers possible are guiding and mentoring their students – ensuring that their social and emotional needs are met and that vital values are imparted. In Indonesia, values are imparted through both religious and non-religious settings and SIS schools include both of these but what is very clear from 25 years of experience is that values such as fairness, integrity, respect, compassion and courage are more important to student success than ever before! To support the growth of values and personalised student care in the next 25 years, SIS is introducing an EFFECTOR model to ensure that both local and expat teachers are recruited and trained who can impart these values to students and inspire them to reach for the best future possible.

The Director of Schools for the SIS Group, Andrew Paterson says, “We cannot delay in ensuring that students are growing up right now with a deep native understanding of how to use technology to innovate; genuine confidence in actually using English with foreigners and values that are reinforced at school every day to ensure they stay on the right track in life. Every year that this kind of education is delayed – right from Preschool level – means a weaker foundation for the future graduates of the 2030s and 2040s.”