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Written by Andrew Paterson
SIS Group of Schools, Director of Schools

The SIS South Jakarta ROBOTICS program progresses from learning simple drag and drop coding techniques using a mouse to actually writing simple programs to command a physical device that students can build themselves (with components supplied by the school). The device can be built with motors, light sensors, sound sensors, movement sensors and even rotor blades for flight and they can be programmed to respond in different ways to different contexts and inputs. We enter our students in regular inter-school competitions to inspire their efforts.

ROBOTICS helps students understand in deep and practical ways:

  • The Design Process (which can be applied to any kind of innovation)
  • How to Solve Problems (which makes them stand out from the crowd)
  • What Coding is and how it works (even if they never become programmers)
  • How to Actively Learn (by participating in the learning process, as opposed to passively taking in information)
  • Logical Approaches required to get their designed outcomes from structuring commands and inputs to handle a variety of contexts
  • Critical Thinking Skills (which allows students to make informed decisions to the best of their ability in everyday situations)
  • How Machines can effectively interact with the environment and humans

Robotics will also inspire creativity and skills in physically manipulating objects using simple tools as well as be a heap of fun which makes students look forward to coming to school each day!

Our 3D PRINTER is used for special projects, especially by the IT and Art Departments. A 3D printer allows a student to turn an idea in their minds into a physical object through a process of computer-aided design. The hard work is in the design but the reward is in a successful product, laser-engineered right in front of them.