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SIS South Jakarta: Academic Excellence

Written by Naura Rahma Andhika Putri
Junior College 2

Academic Excellence
Academic Excellence in SIS South Jakarta and How to Achieve It

It’s every parent’s dream to come to the Parent-Teacher Conference and receive their child’s report card to see numerous A-stars. It’s also most students’ dream to achieve the highest grades in class and be rewarded with an Academic Excellence award.

According to California State University, Fresno, academic excellence is “the demonstrated ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities”. In many cases, academic excellence has been associated particularly with high grades or rankings in class.

In Singapore School South Jakarta, it’s not easy to achieve academic excellence, especially given the rigorous criteria that a student needs to achieve to receive the title “academic excellence”. However, by overcoming the obstacles and setbacks cleverly, it’s not impossible to do so.

In Singapore School South Jakarta, there is a number of academic-related awards a student can achieve. The two main ones are Best in Subjects awards, which are for the highest-achieving student in each subject, and the Overall Academic Excellence awards, rewarded to the students with the overall top grades in his/her class.

To achieve Best in Subjects awards, a student has to obtain the highest score in that class, whether it be an A-star for Cambridge curriculums, or a 7 in the IB Diploma Program.

Next, the student who achieves the greatest number of Best in Subjects awards – especially the ones who earn the Best in Subjects awards for Maths, Sciences and English – will be given the Overall Academic Excellence awards.

Sometimes, the behavior, attitude and character of the students will be taken into account in the decision-making process of the teachers.

After reading all of that, you might feel overwhelmed with all the criteria you need to put on your to-do list. You might be wondering, what does it take to achieve all those things?

I’ve been an Academic Excellence achiever for a number of times, and I must confess that it’s not an easy journey to go through.

Together with my other classmates who have achieved the Academic Excellence awards, we have developed our group habits as well as individual studying techniques that can assist us to gain the awards.

Individually, we have our own ways to organize our lives and studies. While I normally use my bullet journal, my friend uses a digital checklist to track his assignments. But as a group, we normally study together and teach each other during times before we have any tests or final exams. We exchange ideas on how to make a concept more digestible, and we clear out any misunderstandings we have.

Although some people might deem us as the “smart nerds”, each one of us actually have different strengths and face different obstacles in studying. For example, my friend has a better understanding of the concepts yet he has problems forming an answer in essay form, while I tend to take more time understanding those concepts but I’m able to write an answer quickly. Understanding the concepts and formulating a good answer are both as important to ace a test. Thus, after recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we’re able to complement and help one another during group study sessions.

Aiming for achieving academic excellence also requires many sacrifices. There have been numerous days where we give up on hanging out with our friends and our families, and numerous nights where we say goodbyes to our beds and stay up to finish our homework.

At this point, you might be thinking, “is it really worth it to go into that much trouble to receive a piece of paper stating that I’ve done a good job in studying?”

Actually, academic excellence is so much more than that. It can help a student tremendously when he/she is moving forward in life. Of course, academic excellence isn’t the only pathway to success, but it surely brings lots of benefits to those who achieve it.

For example, it can open up more doors to opportunities that we’ve been yearning for. By bearing the label “Academic Excellence”, a student would be granted many benefits that others may not get. You can be given scholarships from schools & institutions and be granted admissions to famous universities.

Getting the “Academic Excellence” awards usually mean that you’ve fully grasped the subjects and the concepts taught in them. Teachers can see the difference between students who are still confused and students who understand. Thus, academic excellence is a good indicator to tell you which subjects you’re better at – an extremely useful tool when you start making decisions on which major(s) to take in university.

It also means that you can help the people around you. You can teach the younger students the subjects you’ve aced, as well as others in the community. Living in a developing economy, not everyone is privileged enough to study in an educational institution, let alone a good one, and this country can definitely use a good helping hand from academically thriving individuals that can teach & assist others to advance in life.

So, academic excellence is really useful. It can give a great sense of achievement & confidence for students, as well as benefiting the society. With hard work, a smart way of studying and a big effort, any student can achieve academic excellence.


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