Apple and SIS Group of Schools: Pioneering Affordable Education in Indonesia -

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Apple and SIS Group of Schools: Pioneering Affordable Education in Indonesia

In today’s digital age, technology in the classroom is no longer a luxury but a necessity. However, the challenge has always been striking the right balance between integrating cutting-edge technology and keeping education accessible and affordable. Recognizing this, Apple has partnered with the SIS Group of Schools in Indonesia to revolutionize the landscape of affordable education.

When exploring technology partners, SIS Group identified a potential ally in making a difference with Apple when they were introduced to their Education Team. Understanding the unique challenges faced by the Indonesian educational sector, the Apple team proactively provided insights on internet service providers, technological infrastructure, and introduced us to some of the brightest minds in educational tech.

One such individual is Jiawe, and with the guidance of Travis Marshal, BDM SEA International Schools, they played a pivotal role in optimizing our tech structure. They worked hand-in-hand with our Director, Academics and Curriculum, Kavita Jaisi, ensuring that our tech choices were not only the best in quality but also cost-effective. The breakthrough moment came when we re-evaluated the traditional 1:1 device-to-student ratio. After in-depth discussions and research, it became evident that a 1:3 or even a 1:5 ratio was equally effective. This simple yet impactful shift made it possible for us to offer our students the benefits of modern technology without imposing a financial strain on parents.

Moreover, Apple’s involvement transcends mere tech solutions. Their commitment to fostering a holistic educational environment is evident in the value they add. The devices students have access to aren’t just affordable; they are potent tools packed with features that enhance learning experiences and prepare them for the future.

But why does this partnership matter to parents? Because it signifies a joint commitment to delivering quality education that doesn’t break the bank. It’s a testament to the fact that with the right collaborations and a shared vision, it’s possible to offer children the best of both worlds – advanced technology and affordable education.

So, if your child has a penchant for technology and you envision a future for them where they are not only consumers but innovators and creators, then SIS Group of Schools, in collaboration with Apple, is where they belong. We invite you to reach out, explore more, and take the first step in enrolling your child in a school where tech meets affordability. The future is here, and it’s accessible.