Continued Teacher Learning through Partnership with Queen’s University Canada -

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Continued Teacher Learning through Partnership with Queen’s University Canada

Written by Kavita Jaisi
SIS Group of Schools, Director of Academics & Curriculum

We are excited to announce that SIS has partnered with Queen’s University Canada to provide our teachers with a microcredential course named “Bringing Active Learning in the Classroom”. This course gains the teachers the credential of being proficient practitioners of active learning.

Active learning is a technique that focuses on getting students to think about their learning process. It moves away from just what students learn, to how they learn. This requires teachers to engage students in meaningful learning activities and push the students to think about what they are doing.

The first cohort of 25 selected teachers has completed the course and was badged by Queen’s for showing proficiency, while 170 more teachers have completed the SIS assessment and will receive the SIS badge.

This partnership is a testament to SIS’ commitment to empowering our teachers to develop professionally. We have great teachers who work hard towards creating positive student outcomes. We strive to provide them with learning opportunities and professional recognition that further enhance their skills. 

We look forward to seeing the positive results of this partnership and exploring other opportunities that would recognise and enhance the skillsets of our teachers as they continue to inspire their students towards greater heights.