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Exploring The World Again

The Importance of Outdoor Activities

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P6 Student, Justin McClure, created this video on a recent hike with friends to Salak Mountain.

There is a lot to learn as your child grows. There’s a lot of pressure on parents and children to excel at school. And schools are under pressure to teach the required curricula for national standards of learning.

It’s important to remember that learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. Especially in this digital era, children need to experience the outdoors to connect with their humanity.

SIS Group Director of Schools, Andrew Paterson, hiking on Mt.Gede.

Even if it’s just walking in the park, regularly get outside with your children for mental health, exercise and a special kind of experiential learning.

Justin and friends on Gunung Salak.

The outdoors is not only good for their mental health, but it’s also a way to explore your neighborhood. And it doesn’t have to be a mountain hike! If you can’t get out of the city try just walking through a neighborhood or safe building site close by you’ve never set foot in. Look for clues about its history. Ask questions like:

What type of people used to live here?

How long has it been since this suburb was built?

What kind of animals used to live here?

At this point in the pandemic things are opening back up and it’s now safe to hike socially distanced outside without a mask – take advantage of this opportunity! You can watch that next Netflix episode when you get home after dark.

When you’re exploring the outdoors with your kids, you’re teaching them about different aspects of life in a fun way. Get outside today and explore our natural world.

Justin’s P6 friends hiked Mt. Salak with expert guidance from Climb Indonesia.