SIS South Jakarta Mega Bazaar: A Day of Fun, Learning, and Community Engagement -

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SIS South Jakarta Mega Bazaar: A Day of Fun, Learning, and Community Engagement

The SIS South Jakarta Mega Bazaar, held on March 2, 2024, was a resounding success, illustrating the vibrant spirit of the SIS South Jakarta community. This event was not just a day for enjoyment but a platform for students from all grade levels to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial skills by setting up various stalls and small business ideas.

Among the many attractions, the Nerf Battle stall stood out, organized and run by a dynamic group of Secondary Two students – Mehdi, Seonghuyn, Danta, Aneek, Haruki, and Justin. Their innovative approach to engaging participants not only provided thrilling entertainment but also demonstrated remarkable business acumen, earning them a cool 1.5 million Rupiah in total revenue. This stall, along with others offering baked goods, Mexican food, and more, highlighted the diverse talents within our school community.

Events like the Mega Bazaar are crucial in fostering strong relationships among students, parents, and teachers. They provide a practical learning environment where students can apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, teaching them valuable business skills and the importance of teamwork and planning. Moreover, the participation of parents and the broader community, along with the support from sponsors, reinforces the sense of unity and shared purpose within the SIS community.

This year’s Mega Bazaar was more than just a fun day out; it was a testament to our students’ creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit.