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Using Technology to Prepare students for the Jobs of Tomorrow

The world of work is arguably changing at a faster rate than ever before, and students today may be entering jobs that don’t even exist yet. That’s just one of several challenges facing teachers and counsellors.

Consider the following facts. Firstly, by 2030, emerging markets and middle classes in Asian and African economies will fuel a rise in post-secondary graduates entering the workforce; a recent study by HolonIQ puts the number at approximately 350 million. Secondly, an estimated 1.5 million new teachers will enter the education job market, and they will be required to deliver learning and skills based training that goes beyond the traditional, classroom based models of the past. Finally, students will enter a post-secondary landscape which is increasingly globalised.

The emerging economies of the 21st century will continue to become attractive places to live and work. Students will be offered an ever more diverse range of options as they think about their next steps in life. These won’t be easy decisions to make, and schools will be under increased pressure as they help students make them.

Rather than a one-size-fits all approach, one of the core values at SIS is a belief in personalised learning, and teaching our students to engage with education in a way that’s right for them. At SIS, we’ve written extensively about the need to prepare our students for the job market of tomorrow, and how a Fourth Industrial Revolution will force us all to rethink how we deliver careers guidance and provide advice on higher education pathways. That’s why we have partnered with BridgeU, the leading university and careers guidance platform for global schools, university and careers planning.

For students, BridgeU offers a revolutionary university and Course Matching Tool, which tailors advice on university destinations and career pathways to a given student’s personal preferences. This allows them to research, shortlist and apply to as many as 24,000 global universities and courses.

Students preparing for a new and uncertain job market however require more than just university application guidance. Truly personalised guidance means students need  meaningful insights into how their skills, strengths and interests can guide them into the career path that is right for them, and the kind of graduate outcomes they can expect.

That is why BridgeU goes further than mere course recommendations. With a Careers Tool, it allows students to explore job families and use relevant labour market information to understand career prospects and salary expectations. This, coupled with a Strategy Adviser, allows students to explore and log their personal strengths and build an early version of a CV or resume. This deeper understanding of their individual skill-set allows them to more effectively plan and strategize their subsequent university application and career paths.

With BridgeU, it’s not just students or parents who benefit from this new world approach to guidance. School staff will also use BridgeU to inform their school’s guidance strategy, creating a multi-year guidance programme personalised to each year group. Some of the benefits for teachers, counselors and school leadership teams include:

  • The ability to track students’ progress and engagement at every stage of the guidance and university application process.


  • Reference letter and document sending tools designed to streamline the administrative burdens of university application.


  • Reporting and analytics to track students’ outcomes, and measure historical application trends and acceptance rates over time.

Perhaps most importantly, BridgeU schools don’t operate in isolation. To become a BridgeU partner school is to join a community of like-minded experts in over 90 countries, where knowledge sharing and innovation in post-secondary guidance is celebrated and promoted.

Are your children’s schools preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow?