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25-Years Going Strong: SIS Group of Schools Doubles Down on Character Development


JAKARTA, Indonesia, November 24, 2021 – With a proven legacy of adapting to change, the Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) Group looks back on 25-years since opening their first campus, SIS South Jakarta, in the Indonesian capital. With 11 schools and growing, SIS looks to the next 25-years and a focus on producing students with a resilient character, ready to face an uncertain future. During a time when the entire education space is still navigating tremendous change, the SIS organisation is doubling down on their core values of fairness, respect, integrity, compassion and courage to produce well-rounded, confident graduates.

With awards from the Financial Times of London and the World Bank, as well as CFI, the SIS Group of Schools celebrates its Silver Anniversary with many alumni in the world’s top 100 universities; a unique tri-curricula program; a focused, school-by-school alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and a nascent virtual reality program aimed at enhancing teaching and learning. Over these 25 years, the SIS Group of Schools has touched and impacted thousands of lives empowering learners with clear desired student learning outcomes: Perseverance, Analytical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PACE).

Group Managing Director and SIS Board Director Mr. Alvin Hew says:

“We are proud of our 25-year heritage, the impact we have made in Indonesia by making quality international education affordable, and to be celebrating our Silver Anniversary. There are not many home-growth K-12 educational institutions with this kind of track record, and we hope to continue to make an impact for the next 25 years to come by making learning more engaging and delivering on superior student outcomes…not just in Indonesia but in other countries as well.”

Built on the best elements of the Singapore, Cambridge and IB curricula, the SIS Group of Schools continues to connect communities with pioneering use of Virtual Reality and technology that is engaging and improves learning.

The SIS Group of Schools are also keenly focused on developing learners with a healthy mind and a healthy body. As the Founder and Chairman, Jaspal Sidhu, makes clear,

“We put a serious premium on the mental and physical well-being of our entire community. That includes children, parents, our teachers and staff. At this 25-year inflection point, we are mindful that everyone has been through a lot during a global pandemic and a global economic emergency. We are also mindful that while technology has been tremendously helpful during this crisis, we all look forward to an even more connected community where we come together again, in person, and unite to face the next 25-years together.”