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Strategic Learning: A Holistic Approach to Studying

Dr. Robert Kamei’s talk with cover:

–  How the brain tricks you from having good study habits

–  How eating, sleeping and goofing off can help your learning

–  How the science of learning can improve your grades and make you a better life-long learner

Dr. Robert Kamei’s courses are among the most popular elective courses at NUS. As Professor, National University of Singapore, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and Duke-NUS Medical School, he teaches two undergraduate courses at the National University of Singapore on the learning sciences and cognitive biases reaching thousands of students.

He shares his unique perspective as an educator and physician to provide a strategic approach to learning that will benefit all students looking to optimize their learning. His extensive experience with helping students with their studies has identified a wide variety of reasons why they were not learning properly. What throws many learners off is that they hold certain myths that result in poor study habits. Learners who understand the truth behind these myths can use this knowledge to better plan their study and have an advantage over others that don’t. Furthermore, modifying your study methods won’t make much difference if you are too sleepy to learn or lack the motivation and self-discipline to pick up a book. These foundational aspects of learning also need to be solidly in place.