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Lowering tuition fees to encourage accessibility means engaging families with different incomes, cultural and social norms. These schools and their local teachers are also burdened with limited budgets resulting in often limited access to the pedagogical developments that international schools

The education industry in Asia is booming. Private and international schools are are growing at an unprecedented rate. Private equity funders, family offices, venture capital funds are scouring for opportunities in the sector. This in turn has created a new

The 2018 Indonesian Economic Forum held on 21 Nov at the Shangri-La Hotel had an interesting theme: “Connection Indonesia; A New Five Year Agenda.” Prolific speakers included Presidential Candidate Prabowo Subianto, Vice-Presidential Candidate Sandiaga Uno, ex-Trade Minister Gita Wirajawan and

Children are the future and the future needs leaders. Good leadership relies heavily on a balance of elevated awareness and decisiveness. Without a grounded understanding of themselves and a solid moral compass to guide them, many leaders succeed at being