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The other day I was pondering about what to write about in my next blog, so I opened up the World Wide Web, went to Google and quickly typed in “current trends in education”.

Education principally serves two primary functions; to equip a country’s youth for gainful employment, and to build social cohesion. At independence Singapore’s education system found itself struggling to address both these needs, but yet today a mere 54 years later

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow. - John Dewey Teachers College, Columbia University 

With  SIS Group of School’s Term break just 2 weeks away, do you have any plans for you and your family? With no school days scheduled from September 27th through to October 7th, there is definitely opportunity for some extended

As Head Teacher of SIS Semarang, I find myself very lucky to lead a school where cases of bullying are extremely rare. Bullying is an important issue and one that we must always be proactive about, monitoring situations as closely

I am often asked the same question when meeting prospective parents who visit SIS Semarang, “Why Cambridge?” I am always able to quickly and confidently answer with, “Because it works!”