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"The best measures for success is not how well a student does while they are in your building, but how well they do after they leave. This is the cornerstone for us at SIS Medan. A well-rounded education stretches

"There's more to education than just achieving academic recognition and rewards. We place more value on the children's character, talents, skills, and their high regard for social responsibility. Hence, we prepare our students in facing the challenges of the 21st

"Schools must be places which ignite curiosity so that inquiry and analytical thinking start to develop naturally. I believe children are unique in their own way and their needs must be at the forefront. I want our teaching to bring

"In SIS Cilegon, our students receive their education in an international environment where English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia are utilised. We personalise learning not only to encourage academic excellence, but also to enculcate in them values and skills to

"The curriculum of SIS PIK provides students with the opportunities to take risks, and develop their imaginations while engaging them through active learning and rigorous study. The environment at SIS PIK is designed to promote a

"We open doors for our students by the way in which our school develops self-belief, respect for others and a willingness to work hard to embrace opportunities. My role is to enhance and protect that kind of school culture and