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New School Year: New Ways to Deliver on Better Learning

Written by Alvin Hew
SIS Group of Schools, Board Director

Another exciting year ahead at the SIS Group of Schools

There is no doubt a lot has happened over the 2020-2021 school year that was massively disrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic. Many schools had to learn to cope with the challenge of delivering on pedagogy digitally as the number of infections grew. Students have had to adjust to new ways of learning (just as teachers had to adjust to new ways of teaching). Learners of all ages had to “learn from home” without the physical company of friends and amid all kinds of potential distractions at home.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic raging on in Indonesia and many other countries in Asia, it certainly looks like schools are set to continue with distance and digital learning in the new school year 2021-2022. 

Given this, schools must take stock of what they have learned during the past year and find ways to innovate and to improve on how best to deliver on pedagogy with the aim of delivering on better learning outcomes. 

At the SIS Group of Schools, this means delivering on our DSLO’s – Desired Learning Student Outcomes. These are: Perseverance, Analytical skills, Collaboration / Communication skills and Entrepreneurial / Innovation skills. Or what we call PACE.

For the new school year, we are innovating to improve the learning experience of our students. This means:

  1. Better management of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), keeping a close eye on mental well-being as well as physical well-being. One cannot underestimate the need to know how learners are coping in an electronic environment. Home rooms must check in on each student to appreciate where they are mentally and emotionally. Only then proper interventions can take place to help them learn better. 
  2. More than ever physical fitness will be paramount to better learning. We all know the adage that says, “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”. Schools will need to find ways to dial up physical education one way or another, especially when children are learning from home.
  3. Greater and continued use of Virtual Reality to enhance learning. At SIS, our teachers are encouraged to meet on AltSpaceVR, and homeroom sessions will be conducted on the same VR platform to make these sessions more exciting and engaging so that learners will be more apt and primed to communicate. 
  4. Better and more creative use of the plethora of digital content that is available on Apple, Google, or Microsoft devices. Gone are the days when teachers need to come up with content from scratch. Technology has provided us with access to the best content and best practices that can be adopted from anywhere in the world.

Finally, with the pandemic likely to be prolonged in Indonesia if not Asia, we are keeping a close eye on how our families are doing, especially those running their own businesses. We will need to find ways to help via scholarships or financial assistance. More than ever, it will be incumbent for schools to step up to its role of helping its community during a period one can classify as the most challenging in a century.

So, with the new school year upon us, it is incumbent for schools to find ways to innovate and create exciting programming that will make learning a truly wonderful experience and help families in need if that is what is needed.