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Continuous Adaptation – The Key To Success in 2021-2022

Written by Alvin Hew
SIS Group of Schools, Board Director

We’ve All Got A Lot Of Things To Worry About: Your Child’s Education Shouldn’t Be One Of Them

More than one year into the pandemic, we continue to see Covid cases on the rise in many parts of Asia including Indonesia. This rise in cases has been caused mostly by the spread of new and more contagious variants. In view of increased adversity from the pandemic, we are well prepared for another year of challenges.

Even as Covid-19 case numbers have grown dramatically in Jakarta and across Indonesia this past month, there are many things we can be thankful for as we look to next school year. Among the things we can be thankful for are: the vaccination of our staff, the successful end to our 2020-2021 school which saw pedagogy delivered 100% online the entire year, the graduation of our learners, the learnings we have garnered and the time that we have had to prepare the SIS Group of Schools for a potential reopening in 2021 / 2022.

We were fortunate we were prepared early for the Covid-19 pandemic taking learnings from countries who were initially impacted by the coronavirus and drew up a plan even prior to March 2020. We now have almost 1.5 years of new scientific knowledge, a variety of incredibly effective vaccines and wealth of our own hard-earned experience. Through the vaccination program organised by the authorities in Indonesia, we have been able to get 99% of our staff comprising faculty and non-faculty members vaccinated. We can say, with confidence, that SIS Group of Schools are ready to safely open as soon as the government allows this to happen. Whether it’s Hybrid, a full return or a continuation of Distance Learning, we have a well-developed plan to open safely.

Once the government allows schools to open, we anticipate it will be at first via a Hybrid model. We have developed a comprehensive Hybrid Plan which we have prepared for extensively. Our reopening plan goes well beyond safety bubbles and limited seating. Each school is prepared for a rigorous extra cleaning regime, choreographed arrivals and departures and extra personal protective equipment.

There is no question we all wish to return to school again. But we must remain agile as we monitor the number of Covid cases in Indonesia and the pace of vaccination in the country. In order for us to protect the health of our entire school community, we must also plan for a limited return to Distance Learning. The good news is that SIS Group of Schools has gotten high marks from our parents and students for our Distance Learning program. So rather than adopting something new, we will be able to dive into a format we have already socialised among our students, faculty and parents and truly focus on learning and making learning fun and exciting. Our teachers have also been a part of a pilot project to test out VR – virtual reality and how this can be used to enhance learning.

Our community is resilient, and we have planned extensively. You already have enough to worry about – you don’t need to worry about your child’s educational progress. We have that covered, whatever the environmental constraints. As we face another uncertain year together please trust that we will ensure there are no gaps in your child’s educational journey and that “the show must go on”.