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SIS e-Olympics 2021 – After Event

The SIS Olympics has been a long-established tradition where all SIS campuses come together to cheer, participate, compete, support each other and just make friends across the SIS Group of Schools. It is an event that builds camaraderie across our community. Even with the onset of the COVID 19 Pandemic, which forced distance learning on all of our campuses, the SIS family was determined to make sure that no pandemic can stop the SIS Spirit. And true enough, the SIS roar was heard on-line just as we have heard it on the field and track. On April 24th, 2021, the first inaugural e-Olympics marked a historic date which proved that we are UNSTOPPABLE! It is a tangible proof that we rise to the occasion and refuse to let our circumstances define who we are or what we can do… because together, we can achieve great things!

This SIS e-Olympics consisted of over 50 competition events from sports, arts, academics and
even e-sports that showcased the various skills and talents of all SIS Schools’ students from all campuses. There was so much excitement for the biggest online event held this year, which was held through the Hopin, a live virtual event platform where students, parents, teachers and staff from all of the SIS community were able to actively interact and connect.

The event kicked off with a very lively warm-up exercise with Mr. Michael Singh, Head Teacher
of SIS Kelapa Gading, followed by a dynamic and exciting fifteen-minute Zumba led by Miss Ritu, a parent from SIS Cilegon. One of the highlights of the event was the Opening Ceremony, where the SIS theme song “Inspire” was first aired. This is an original composition of Miss Rapuncel, the SIS e-Olympics over-all coordinator and Mr. Jaspal Sidhu, SIS group of Schools founder, musical arrangement by Mr Reymun Guillermo, which was flawlessly performed by Priscilla and Nikita, who was actually a “Voice Indonesia” winner.

The SIS e-Olympics provided a perfect opportunity for students, teachers, staff and parents
from the different campuses to gather and enjoy the celebration as one big SIS family. Additionally, we had the rare opportunity to watch exceptional music performances from our sister branch in Korea. It was really uplifting to see students warming up to each other and encouraging each other through their chats in the different event sessions. According to one of the committee members, “It was a rather challenging task, but also an extremely enjoyable process – getting to know new people from other SIS campuses, forming lasting friendships. learning new things and just stepping out of our comfort zones and stretching ourselves to greater heights!”

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge our sponsors, as the SIS e-Olympics would not have been
possible without their support.

Our TITANIUM sponsors –
PT Yuna Asia, Innovative Holiday Club by Club Wyndham & Kaplan Singapore.

Our PLATINUM sponsors – UIC Global, CitraSun Garden Semarang, Sampoerna University.

Our GOLD Sponsors –
CQ University Australia Jakarta, TWOMC Marketing Communication.

Our SILVER Sponsors – Mentari books Palembang, Mentari books Semarang, BNI Musi
Palembang, SOS Medika Clinic and PT. Informasi Teknologi Sekuritas Indonesia

For those who missed the actual event, you can watch the full recording in our Youtube channel
or click the link below: