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Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) Group Deploys Virtual Reality for Students in South Jakarta, Indonesia


JAKARTA, IndonesiaMarch 17, 2021 – Recognizing the growing success of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in tertiary education, Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) Group is deploying Virtual Reality at their new flagship international school, SIS South Jakarta in the Indonesian capital.

After a successful group-wide VR Pilot Program late last year, and building their own Virtual Moon Base for large student events, the new SIS South Jakarta campus will be offering a VR Club for students to collaborate and experience a wide variety of virtual Learning Journeys. Teachers will be able to play the role of guide as groups of students explore engaging experiences and expeditions that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to the pandemic – or just plain feasibility.

For example, while exploring a nuclear facility on a guided tour would present safety challenges even pre-pandemic, with VR students will be able to shrink down to a sub-atomic scale and go inside a virtual nuclear reactor to deeply understand how nuclear power is generated.

“We have been looking at VR for a long time now and the struggle has always been to find content that was more than just a gimmick, more than just a fad.” Said Jaspal Sidhu, Founder and Chairman of the SIS Group. “Our experience engaging with parents around Distance Learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for our examination of VR and now the time is right. And to some degree, it’s one of those technologies you have to just dive in and use to fully understand.”

Alvin Hew, the SIS Group Board Director of Academics & Curriculum, had this to say, “The VR Pilot Program allowed our teachers to socialise the technology first so that we could all understand the potential VR has for K-12 students. We now have some very clear, very exciting use cases for VR that allow our teachers to engage with their students on a whole new level.”

Robotics Meets Traditional Values

The VR offering at SIS South Jakarta compliments another significant investment in brand new coding and robotics labs. With an aim to provide students with 21st century skills and foster creativity, the coding and robotics program will give students hands-on experience with the very technology transforming industries around the world.

The shift to coding & robotics however will be grounded in an increased focus on building character and inculcating traditional values. SIS South Jakarta will achieve this with a new Religious Studies Centre intended to offer students the moral guidance they need to face an uncertain future full of challenges.

New Facilities and New Awards

Apart from the Religious Studies Centre, facilities upgrade also include a new gym, art studio and cafeteria. SIS South Jakarta is the result of the complete transformation of Singapore Intercultural School Bona Vista, which has a proud 20-year record of high quality education backed by the SIS Group of Schools with 11 schools in Asia. The SIS Group continues to win accolades and they are proud to announce the most recent award: Best International Educational Institution – South East Asia 2021 – from In 2019, SIS Group was awarded the global Financial Times – IFC (World Bank) award for its transformational work in education.