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The Secret to Education Success

Written by Alvin Hew
SIS Group of Schools, Board Director

Student Teacher – Parent Triangle… the key to successful learning!

Success is oftentimes a team effort. This is the same in Education. Students, teachers and parents need to work well together. Each has an important role to play. This is even more important today given that many schools have switched to “distance learning” or “digital / online learning” with the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Student-Teacher-Parent Triangle:

  • The Student has to commit their self to putting in the effort and doing the work. The student must also assume responsibility for their own actions and education. If a student is genuinely interested in learning but is unwilling to put in the work, they will struggle to reach their potential.
  • Teachers need to make it easy-  and fun – to learn by making the experience rewarding, interesting, and inspiring.
  • Parents lay the foundation for their children to be open and receptive to education, and support them to grow into good and responsible people. While teachers can educate students on facts, figures, handwriting, literature, and everything else under the sun, parents are best suited to teach their children how to be well-behaved and open-minded. If parents do their job, their child arrives at school eager to learn, understanding the importance of education.

If any part of the triangle fails, the whole thing falls apart. So, it’s up to all three parties to ensure the best chance of success. Parental engagement is essential! 

Research after research on this subject indicates that learning happens best when what’s happening in school is reinforced by what’s happening in a student’s home. When parents are an active part of the “triangle”, they become a key partner in the triangle and ensure that they can better align what happens at home with what happens at school. This helps create a feedback system when the parent knows what’s going on. It helps them address the question, “Are students practicing what is being taught in school at home?”

So parents need to take heart especially if they are feeling “digital learning fatigue” from online learning during our current circumstances. During times like this, students – especially younger learners – will need the solid support and active involvement of parents. To be clear, this is not to absolve teachers or schools of their responsibilities. At the SIS Group of Schools, to help this triangle continue to function, we strive to: keep things simple for our students and teachers by keeping online classes short and focused and deploy platforms that students and parents are already familiar with. Key to success of these endeavours is increased communication with parents.

It is important to remember that your child’s education is a joint responsibility between the teacher, the student and you as parents.